Post And Courier: An Official Language Would Unite Us

Post And Courier: An Official Language Would Unite Us

The Post and Courier is the main daily newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, and it recently featured an opinion column entitled “An official language would unite us.”

The opinion column was authored by Jerome Danner and David W. Almasi. Danner is a member of the Project 21 black leadership network and Danner is vice president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, the parent organization of Project 21.

Danner and Almasi opened their opinion column by writing: “America is one of only seven countries without an official language. It should have one, and English is the natural choice.”

They observed: “Despite not being the official language, English has been the dominant one. Why? Assimilation was once seen as a virtue for immigrants, and thus English became pervasive. Subsequent efforts to cater to people in another “preferred language” – including those who were born here – resulted in the deprioritization of learning English, putting those who don’t understand it at inherent risk of ghettoization.”

Danner and Almasi added: “An official language actually benefits newcomers, particularly those intent on making our blessed nation their home. It makes sure there is, and should remain, a common communicative bond between American citizens and their government – as well as with key facets of society such as the marketplace and medical services.”

The authors of the column also referenced the ProEnglish-sponsored Rasmussen Reports poll that showed that 81% of Americans believe that English should be the official language of the USA.

Danner and Almasi concluded: “There is no reason to create a Tower of Babel in the name of diversity.”