CPAC 2014 (National Harbor, MD)

ProEnglish was again an exhibitor at CPAC in 2014.  ProEnglish staff members and interns spoke with numerous students, activists, and fellow nonprofit workers at and around the ProEnglish booth.  The ProEnglish contingent also attended relevant panels, such as the one entitled: “Can there be meaningful immigration reform without citizenship?” Also relevant was the debate on amnesty between conservative Ann Coulter and liberal Mickey Kaus, which took place on CPAC’s main stage.


From left to right, ProEnglish interns Travis Rush and Karl Melton, and ProEnglish Web Manager Peter J. Lee


A view of attendees strolling around the exhibit hall at CPAC 2014

Conservative blogger Grizzly Joe visits the ProEnglish booth

NACo 2013 (Fort Worth, TX)

ProEnglish was an exhibitor at the National Association of Counties (NACo) Conference in 2013.  ProEnglish staff members were able to make contact with various county officials from across the country, with whom we discussed official English legislation on the county level.  ProEnglish is continuing to reach out to the county officials who expressed interest in official English issues.

ProEnglish booth at NACo 2013

ProEnglish Executive Director Bob Vandervoort at the NACo conference

CPAC 2013 (National Harbor, MD)

ProEnglish attended CPAC 2013 as an exhibitor.  Executive Director Bob Vandervoort made multiple radio appearances at CPAC’s Radio Row.  Vandervoort and ProEnglish Board Member Phil Kent had a chance to chat with Senator Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma), the sponsor of the Senate’s official English bill.  ProEnglish also discussed our issue with numerous passersby, including activists, members of other organizations, and students from the United States and abroad.

InhofeCPAC2ProEnglish Board Member Phil Kent (left) and Executive Director Bob Vandervoort (right) pose for a photo with Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma at CPAC 2013


Kent (left), and Vandervoort (right) chat with Senator Inhofe  at CPAC 2013

CPAC 2012 (Washington, DC)

ProEnglish was a co-sponsor at CPAC 2012, and hosted an all-star panel during the 3-day conference in Washington, DC.  The panel was entitled: “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American identity.”  Panelists discussed issues of immigration and assimilation which are presenting major challenges to the long term viability of America.  The event was open to all CPAC attendees and featured as panelists:

Robert Vandervoort, Executive Director, ProEnglish – Moderator
John Derbyshire, contributing editor at National Review and author ofWe Are Doomed
Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and editor of
Dr. Rosalie Porter, author of American Immigrant: My Life in Three Languages, and ProEnglish Chairwoman
Congressman Steve King, House of Representatives member from Iowa’s fourth district


Congressman Steve King of Iowa (left) and ProEnglish Executive Director Bob Vandervoort


Congressman Steve King and ProEnglish Chairwoman Rosalie Porter


Panelists Peter Brimelow (left) and John Derbyshire

CPAC 2011 (Washington, DC)

ProEnglish was an exhibitor at CPAC 2011.  This was the first year ProEnglish had a presence at CPAC.  ProEnglish Executive Director Jayne Cannava participated in a panel entitled “Policy Recommendations for Real Immigration Reform.”  The panel included:

Secretary of State Kris Kobach (KS)
Jayne Cannava, Executive Director, ProEnglish
Dino Teppara, Indian American Conservative Council
Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies (Moderator)

ProEnglish Executive Director Jayne Cannava (left) participates in a CPAC immigration panel

Two students who visited the ProEnglish booth pose for the camera

Defending the American Dream Summit (Washington, DC)

ProEnglish attended and was an exhibitor at the 2010 Defending the American Dream Summit, which was hosted by Americans for Prosperity.  The conference’s aim was to draw attention to the high levels of government control and debt that are crippling opportunities for future generations.


ProEnglish Executive Director Jayne Cannava (left) and Director of Gov. Relations Suzanne Bibby at ProEnglish booth