Author Johanna Haver Writes New Book About English Immersion

Author Johanna Haver Writes New Book About English Immersion

Author Johanna J. Haver has written a new book entitled “Vindicated: Closing The Hispanic Achievement Gap Through English Immersion.”

The new book features a forward by Dr. Rosalie Pedalino Porter, the Chair of the Board of Directors of ProEnglish.

Lance Izumi, JD, former president, Board of Governors, California Community Colleges, remarked: “Johanna Haver’s book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the politics of the bilingual education wars in the United States over the last several decades. Haver lays out the results of the different policies pursued in various states: the abysmally low reclassification rates to English fluency in states and school districts that have stuck to bilingual education versus the improved rates in jurisdictions that adopted structured English immersion models.”

Roy Miller, co-founder of the Goldwater Institute, observed: “’Vindicated’ makes a compelling case that the citizen’s initiatives, replacing bilingual education with immersion techniques…have resulted in excellent outcomes…Yet, as Haver warns, the national trend is again favoring bilingual education and all the federal dollars that go with it. This is a must-read for anyone who cares about whether Hispanic kids ever learn to speak English.”

Joseph Guzman, PhD, assistant professor and interim director, Chicano/Latino Studies Program, Michigan State University, commented: “Never again should we permit the segregation of Hispanic children in our public schools, whether for bilingual education or any other pretext.”

Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison under President Ronald Reagan, former Staff Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights under President Reagan, and Chairman of the National Commission on Migrant Education under President George H. W. Bush, concluded: “Haver’s ‘Vindicated’ demonstrates in full detail why delaying English acquisition harms the very children the system is supposed to help.”