Author Promotes RAISE Act In New York Post

Author Promotes RAISE Act In New York Post

Reihan Salam is the author of the book, “Melting Pot Or Civil War? A Son Of Immigrants Makes The Case Against Open Borders.”

Salam recently wrote a long column in the New York Post about the U.S. immigration system. He stated: “There is no question that a disproportionately large share of immigrants are impoverished and that many arrive in the United States with minimal schooling and poor English-language skills.”

Salam has the solution to the problems inherent to the U.S. immigration system. He observed that “we need to move to a more selective, skills-based immigration system, such as the one Arkansas senator Tom Cotton and Georgia senator David Purdue proposed in the RAISE Act.”

Salam opined: “The RAISE Act introduces a points system, which gives applicants points on the basis of their age, educational credentials, English-language fluency, salary offers from U.S. employers, and more. The goal of the points system is to identify immigrants who will at a minimum be in a position to provide for themselves and their families, which already narrows the pool of applicants dramatically, and ideally to identify those who will make the most substantial economic contributions.”

Salam concluded: “By favoring skilled immigrants with high earning potential, adopting a flexible points system would tilt immigrant admissions toward those who will have the most positive net fiscal impact.”

ProEnglish already is on record as supporting the RAISE Act, given its focus on English-language proficiency and fluency as a part of its points system. The more proficient and fluent that immigrants are in English, the more likely they are to receive superior job offers from U.S. employers, earn more income, better support their families, not have to rely on U.S. government welfare or social services, and in general succeed in achieving the American dream.

Congress would be wise to pass the RAISE Act as soon as possible.