Dunkin' Donuts Receives Pushback Over English Language Sign

Dunkin’ Donuts Receives Pushback Over English Language Sign

A Dunkin’ Donuts in Baltimore, MD, received pushback after the franchise’s general manager posted a sign asking customers to report employees who were speaking any language other than English in the workplace.

The Dunkin’ Donuts sign read: “If you hear any of our staff SHOUTING in a language other than ENGLISH Please call 443-415-7775 immediately with the name of the employee to receive a coupon for FREE Coffee and a pastry.”

A spokesperson for Dunkin’ Donuts confirmed that the sign had been posted by the franchise’s general manager “based on her own personal judgment to ensure…the goal of creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for all guests.”

Dunkin’ Donuts soon received pushback on social media and removed the sign.

ProEnglish has been at the forefront of efforts to educate employers about their rights to English-in-the-workplace policies and to inform Congress and others about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (“EEOC”) renegade efforts to litigate against employers that establish English-in-the-workplace policies. The EEOC presumes that English-in-the-workplace policies are discriminatory, and therefore are illegal under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As a result, the EEOC aggressively targets and attempts to punish employers that adopt English-in-the-workplace rules.

Courts, however, repeatedly have affirmed that employers have the right to establish English-language policies in the workplace. The EEOC continually disagrees with these court decisions, even though the EEOC has no basis to assert a Title VII violation based on language or to presume that English-language workplace policies are illegal.

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