Support The RAISE Act

Support The RAISE Act

ProEnglish encourages you to contact your two United States senators and urge them to support the RAISE Act, which has been introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. David Perdue, and which has been supported by President Donald Trump.

The RAISE Act, which is shorthand for the “Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act” and which is also known as S 1720, establishes a point-based system which will help to select the most skilled immigrants who have the most to offer to this nation and, particularly important, applicants will earn points based on their English-language proficiency.

The English-language proficiency component is necessary to combat Executive Order 13166, which was signed by former President Bill Clinton. EO 13166, which has never been repealed, requires all federal fund recipients to provide interpreters or translations for non-English-speaking persons, and the recipients must pay all costs themselves. If they fail to do so, they face the possibility of civil rights violations, fines, and even prison.

More than a decade ago, the General Accounting Office estimated that the national cost of EO 13166 was billions of dollars every year. EO 13166 is an extremely onerous Executive Order.

As a result, the English-language proficiency element of the RAISE Act becomes even more valuable and necessary as a means to combat EO 13166. If we are going to be forced to bear the cost of immigrants who cannot speak English – until the time of a repeal of EO 13166 – then it only makes sense to require them, per the RAISE Act, to speak English proficiently before they receive a visa and enter this nation.

It is a matter of common sense to require English-language proficiency in order to receive a green card or U.S. citizenship, and ProEnglish heartily endorses the RAISE Act and its emphasis on English-language proficiency.

Right now is an excellent time to contact your two United States senators and tell them to co-sponsor the RAISE Act!

Tell your two US Senators to co-sponsor S 1720 today!

Please support ProEnglish as we join Sen. Perdue, Sen. Cotton, and President Trump in backing the RAISE Act. Your donation will help ProEnglish to ensure its passage!