Arizona Bill Seeks To Repeal English Immersion Classes

Arizona Bill Seeks To Repeal English Immersion Classes

For the third straight year, a legislative proposal seeks to repeal English immersion classes in Arizona.

The proposal, Arizona House Concurrent Resolution 2005, is sponsored by Rep. John Fillmore, a Republican from Apache Junction.

HCR 2005 seeks to repeal Arizona’s English-only model, known as Structured English Immersion, which was mainly established by Proposition 203 in 2000.

Rep. Fillmore’s proposal would go to the 2022 ballot if it is approved by the Arizona legislature. Fillmore also sponsored identical bills during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.

ProEnglish has always favored English immersion classes over bilingual education, so as not to confine immigrant students to a linguistic ghetto that could severely limit their educational, collegiate, and professional opportunities in the future.