President Trump, Executive Orders, And Official English

President Trump, Executive Orders, And Official English

2019 has begun, the 116th Congress has commenced, and the Trump Administration is gearing up for a series of protracted battles with Congress on a number of different issues.

The result of the November mid-term elections was a split decision with the Republicans adding to their majority in the U.S. Senate and the Democrats taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

At the same time, official English advocates have in the White House perhaps the most pro-English president since Theodore Roosevelt. President Donald Trump frequently has stated: “We have a country where to assimilate, you have to speak English.” As well, Vice President Mike Pence always was a strong and loyal supporter when he served as a representative from Indiana, and Pence co-sponsored the English Language Unity Act five times in Congress.

As a result, and particularly given the split decision result of the mid-term elections, White House support for official English legislation and executive orders becomes even more important, even as we continue to work closely with our allies in Congress to increase support for passage of the English Language Unity Act.

The recent Rasmussen Reports poll sponsored by ProEnglish showed that 81% of Americans believe that English should be the official language of the United States.

That poll result shows overwhelming national support for English as the official language of this nation.

As a result, it would behoove the White House to have President Trump undergird  his support for official English through executive orders as quickly as possible.

ProEnglish urges President Trump to sign a new Executive Order that would effectively repeal former President Clinton’s onerous Executive Order (“EO”) 13166. EO 13166 mandates foreign language translations and interpretations for all federally-funded agencies and contractors, and it costs Americans at least $2 billion a year, if not more, according to a government study.

A repeal of EO 13166 through a new Executive Order by President Trump would have huge economic benefits and it would save Americans billions of dollars every year.

The government must stop placing this onerous and costly translation and interpretation burden on Americans, and President Trump has the ability to do so on a speedy basis via a new Executive Order.

Frankly, President Trump also could make English the official language of the United States by Executive Order as well.

As a result, and particularly given the potential for gridlock in the new 116th Congress, with Democrats in control of the House and Republicans in control of the Senate, the time has come for President Trump to follow through on his support of official English via Executive Order, in order to repeal the costly, onerous foreign language translation and interpretation mandate and to make English the official language of the nation.

The window of opportunity for official English is open right now, and the window of opportunity for official English may be as wide open as it has ever been since the days of the Theodore Roosevelt administration more than a century ago.

The window of opportunity has been thrust wide open. The time to act is now. We urge President Trump to take out his pen and sign new Executive Orders backing official English as soon as possible.