Washington Times Publishes ProEnglish Opinion Column

Washington Times Publishes ProEnglish Opinion Column

The Washington Times has published a ProEnglish opinion column by Executive Director Stephen Guschov.

The opinion column focuses on support for English as our official language of government in the United States and its role in America’s traditional process of assimilation, so as to avoid the formation of linguistic ghettos.

The column urges President Trump to repeal former President Clinton’s onerous Executive Order 13166. The Clinton Executive Order discourages assimilation and requires expensive translation services in any foreign language. Healthcare is one area where costs have risen dramatically due to the Clinton mandate.

The column also urges Congress to pass the English Language Unity Act. This bill would designate English as the official language of governmental operations.

Read the entire ProEnglish opinion column in the Washington Times at this link: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/7/stopping-the-drift-toward-multilingualism/