ProEnglish interviews Congressman Brian Babin

ProEnglish interviews Congressman Brian Babin

ProEnglish attended CPAC 2016 and our Executive Director Robert Vandervoort interviewed Congressman Babin (TX-23) on official English and multiculturalism issues.

Read out the transcript below.

RV: Congressman, I want to thank you on behalf of ProEnglish for signing on to H.R. 997 – the bill to make English the official language. You’re now the 78th cosponsor of this bill. We’re excited to have you on. You might want to say a few words about why you think English should be the official language.

Congressman Babin: I think it’s just commonsense. English has always been, I should say, the unofficial language of our nation. Now we need to make it the official language because we are Balkanizing our entire nation. With all the different tongues, we have to go in and read through, follow instructions, listen to them on the telephone, and vote; it’s [on the] ballots. It’s gotten to the point where we need to pull together. We need to unite as a people. If we’re all speaking different languages, I think you’re going to be behind the eight ball if you’re not speaking English. If you’re not speaking English and you’re a legal immigrant, you’ll be stymied in your efforts to assimilate and be successful in our economy, and to become a good citizen of this country. I am very happy to be a supporter and a cosponsor of that bill.

RV: We really appreciate having you on the bill and, as you know, you mentioned Balkanization. One of the problems we are facing in this country: we used to be a melting pot; we’re getting away from that with multiculturalism. What are your thoughts on that?

Congressman Babin: I think it’s a disaster in the making. I don’t think you need to look any further than Western Europe. Look at Paris. Look at London. Look at Amsterdam. Look at Stockholm, Sweden, where you’ve got unassimilated folks that have come in as refugees or as immigrants and simply don’t assimilate. And they have No-Go zones, which is a hotbed of the radicalization of a lot of the Islamic folks that are coming in over there too. We don’t want to see that happen in the United States of America. I think it’s a disaster, a prescription for disaster. We need folks that want to be Americans, that want to become Americans. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, we want folks over here who are proud to be an American, want to be an American, want to assimilate, want to learn how to speak the language, be a success and a patriot.

RV: Amen to that! And one last question: What’s your sense on Congress about this bill? Will they move forward? Will there be support for this bill to make English the official language.

Congressman Babin: You know what? It’s going to depend on our election. I have said more than one time: This election cycle, this Presidential election, is the most important, significant election of our lifetimes. I know we hear that every cycle. This time it’s true. If we can get some conservative, patriotic folks who are not afraid to have the courage to stand up against the powers that impose political correctness on us. People are literally dying because of political correctness in recent history in this nation today with our refugee program, with our visa program, with wide-open borders. And so I think that having the official language as English would be a huge step in correcting that problem.

RV: Thank you, Congressman. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your support too.

Congressman Babin: You bet. I appreciate you. I like your taste in ties.

RV: Yeah! We coordinated today.