ProEnglish testifies to make PA 32nd official English state

ProEnglish testifies to make PA 32nd official English state

September 13, 2011

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ARLINGTON, VA – “Pennsylvania should become the 32nd state to pass an official English in government law,” says ProEnglish Government Relations Director Suzanne Bibby. “That’s why I’m testifying tomorrow in support of H.B. 361 and H.B. 888 before the House of Representatives Committee on State Government Chaired by state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe.”

ProEnglish is a national organization that promotes English as the official language of government at all levels— local, state and federal. Bibby is scheduled to testify at a 10:00 a.m. hearing tomorrow in the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg.

“Establishing English as the official language means that for the state government and its entities to act legally, it must communicate in English. It means the language of record is the English language and that no one has a right to demand taxpayer-funded services or documents in any other language,” Bibby says.

“ProEnglish believes that the current system, where some foreign languages are accommodated and some are not, is discriminatory. The only way to make it non-discriminatory is to communicate in one unifying tongue— English— to avoid the all-too-common practice of favoring a select few immigrant languages over others,” Bibby says.

“Pennsylvanians were overwhelmingly supportive of Hazelton, Pa. passing its official English in government ordinance in 2006, and polls indicate that approximately 80 percent of Pennsylvanians support passage of a statewide law,” Bibby says.  “201l is the year for the legislature to pass either of these bills and for Governor Corbett to sign it into law.”

A transcript of Suzanne Bibby’s testimony will be available tomorrow on   Miss Bibby is also available for media interviews before and after the hearing.