Rep. Price Receives American Unity Award

Rep. Price Receives American Unity Award

December 8, 2010
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Presented by ProEnglish

Arlington, Va.— “We are very pleased to present the Theodore Roosevelt American Unity Award for the 111th Congress to U.S. Congressman Tom Price of Georgia,” says Jayne Cannava, executive director of ProEnglish. She made the presentation today at a Capitol Hill ceremony on behalf of her organization, which is dedicated to enacting legislation designating English as the official language of government for the United States.

The award is given biennially to recognize the legislator in every Congress whose leadership in working to preserve and protect the nation’s unity through our common English language best exemplifies U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s commitment to American unity. The recipient is chosen by ProEnglish’s national board of directors.

“Since he was first elected to Congress in 2004, Representative Price has dedicated himself to promoting America’s melting pot by co-sponsoring H.R. 997 in the 111th Congress to enact English our nation’s official language,” Cannava said. “His state of Georgia is one of 31 states that have passed this designation into law, and the congressman’s tireless advocacy and leadership is invaluable in the continuing bipartisan effort to pass this legislation in the new Congress,” Cannava said.

“The ProEnglish board could not have selected a more deserving recipient this year,” Cannava said, “especially in light of Congressman Price’s further introduction of a bill to protect employers who enact English-in-the-workplace policies, and his overall vocal opposition to the growing and costly demand for multilingual services and interpreters throughout government.”

Previous recipients are U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, and U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma.