Legal Status of official English in Louisiana

When Louisiana was introduced to the union in 1803, its major language had been French. In 1807, the state adopted English as a condition to admittance to the union. As laws were passed, they typically spelled out which languages may be used to comply with each regulation.

Official English Law in Louisiana

Louisiana Enabling Act, 2 U.S. Stat. 641 § 3 (1811)
And be it further enacted, …that after the admission of the said territory of Orleans as a state into the Union, the laws which such state may pass shall be promulgated and its records of every description shall be preserved, and its judicial and legislative written proceedings conducted in the language in which the laws and the judicial and legislative written proceedings of the United States are now published and conducted…


3,771,003 English
382,364 All languages other than English combined
194,314 French (incl. Patois, Cajun)
105,189 Spanish or Spanish Creole
23,326 Vietnamese
8,047 German
5,731 Chinese
5,489 Arabic
4,470 French Creole
3,730 Italian
3,335 Tagalog
2,402 Korean
2,278 African languages
1,810 Japanese
1,564 Gujarathi
1,523 Greek
1,387 Laotian
1,365 Hindi
1,306 Urdu
1,302 Portuguese or Portuguese Creole
936 Russian
914 Persian
806 Serbo-Croatian
710 Scandinavian languages
708 Thai
679 Other Native North American languages
480 Polish
388 Hebrew
382 Mon-Khmer, Cambodian
350 Hungarian
141 Armenian
100 Navajo
75 Yiddish
0 Miao, Hmong