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MO House on Verge of Driver's Bill Vote!

MO House on Verge of Driver's Bill Vote!

February 15, 2012

MO House brings HB 1147 / 1186 to the floor, vote imminent - Call your Rep. TODAY!

Your phone calls and emails have helped propel HB 1147 and HB 1186 to the House floor!  Thankfully, all attempts to weaken the legislation with damaging amendments were defeated, including those to remove the ban on interpreters for non-English speakers!

HB 1147 and HB 1186, sponsored by Reps. Chuck Gatschenberger and Mark Parkinson, would require that driver's license written and skills portions of the exams are administered in no languages other than English. These two bills are among the strongest of its kind that have been introduced throughout the country, namely because both bills prohibit the use of interpreters.


English proficiency should be a minimal requirement to obtain a driver's license in any state. Foreign-language driver's tests are even beginning to create legal loopholes that frustrate law enforcement. Courts, like the New Jersey Supreme Court in 2010, are overturning DWI convictions in cases in which violators are not given breathalyzer instructions and warnings in their native language. Courts have ruled that allowing drivers to take licensing tests in their native language creates an obligation for states to issue traffic warnings and citations in the same language. It's time for the state legislature to end both the DMV's and the court's bad practices!


Call and email* your state rep. TODAY urge him to VOTE YES on HB 1147 and HB 1186 when they come to a vote on the House floor!

The vote could occur any day!

*By clicking the "TAKE ACTION" link above, you will be able to both call and email your state representative.

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