Thursday, February 11, 2016

Frederick County declares English as official language

Autria Godfrey/
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Frederick County officials voted on an ordinance to make English the official language of Frederick County government. It is the first county in Maryland to do so.

Tuesday night a public hearing was held at Winchester Hall in Frederick. 

 Resident after resident took to the podium railing on the Frederick County Board of Commissioners proposal. "It looks like pure anti-immigrant posturing," said one person. 

 "I think this measure is nasty and small-minded," said another.

Some 20 people described the ordinance as hateful, ethically wrong and unwelcoming toward Hispanics.


Suzanne Bibby with ProEnglish says the message this sends to potential Hispanic business leaders when it comes to opportunities in Frederick is unfounded.

"It's a common opposition claim that it will deter businesses, scare them away from the county, but it has never really proved true," Bibby said.

Bibby was just one of two people testifying in support of the ordinance. Neither she or the other supporter lived in Frederick. [emphasis added]

Read full article here.

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