Newsmax: It's Time To Make English The Official Language Of The Land

Newsmax: It’s Time To Make English The Official Language Of The Land

Newsmax columnist Michael Dorstewitz wrote an opinion piece entitled “It’s Time to Make English the Official Language of the Land.”

In his column, Dorstewitz cited many of the issues and arguments that ProEnglish has publicized in recent days, weeks, and months.

Dorstewitz began by reporting on the case in Hialeah, Florida, where a Taco Bell employee refused to serve an English-speaking customer at the drive-thru window. Dorstewitz noted that the since-fired employee “appeared irritated that the customer couldn’t speak to her in her native (Spanish) language.”

Dorstewitz also observed that Taiwan intends to make English an official language in 2019. He noted that Taiwanese Premier William Lai said that it was being done “in a bid to boost international competitiveness.” Nations such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Singapore, and soon Taiwan, all have English as an official language, but not the USA. Dorstewitz commented that “as a result we’re becoming a modern-day Tower of Babel.”

Dorstewitz added: “English is also the official language for those engaged in international travel and trade in both the skies and the oceans of the world. Pilots and air traffic controllers are required to communicate solely in English. The same goes for merchant marine officers and port personnel.”

Dorstewitz also stressed the financial importance of making English the official language of the land. He wrote: “Adopting English as the official language would also save billions in federal, state, and local expenses. Canada spends an estimated $2 billion a year printing forms in just two languages – English and French. The United States, with nearly nine times Canada’s population, translates federal forms into as many as 150 different languages, the Washington Examiner reported.”

Dorstewitz addressed an additional financial cost: “Immigrants and their offspring who choose not to learn English are faced with limited employment opportunities. This in turn results in increased welfare and social service costs.”

Dorstewitz applauded former President Theodore Roosevelt’s immigration policy, and noted that Roosevelt “was all in favor of immigration, without regard to race, religion, or national origin, so long as it was orderly and immigrants assimilated to our language and the customs with a desire to truly become Americans.”

Dorstewitz concluded his column about making English the official language of the land by citing the famous words of President Roosevelt that are so often quoted by ProEnglish: “We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.”