3 Questions The Presidential Candidates Should Have To Answer In Tonight's Debate

3 Questions The Presidential Candidates Should Have To Answer In Tonight’s Debate

Tonight, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will face off for the first Presidential debate in 2016. By all expectations, the event will draw an enormous audience, as the candidates try to distinguish themselves on policy positions and their vision for America.

Here are 3 questions on English the Presidential candidates should be asked.

1) Would you make English the official language of the United States?  The American people deserve to know whether or not the candidates would support a bill in Congress that would establish English as our official language and cut billions of dollars in translation services.

2) Do you support multilingual voting ballots? In select states across America, voters are able to vote in numerous languages. How can voters understand the issues and candidates if they can’t read, write, or speak English?

3) Do you support English immersion or bilingual education for students who are not English proficient in public schools? In numerous studies, English immersion has proven to be a more effective way of helping non-English proficient students learn English in school.  So called “multilingual education” (more commonly known as bilingual education) requires more taxpayer resources and prolongs the amount of time it takes for English-learning students to become proficient in English.