ProEnglish Commends Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

ProEnglish Commends Rep. Daryl Metcalfe for Leading the Push to Make English the Official Language of Pennsylvania

ARLINGTON, VA –ProEnglish, the nation’s leading advocate of official English, commendsRepresentative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler County) for today introducing House Bill 2132, legislation that would make English the official language of the state of Pennsylvania.  If passed and signed into law, Pennsylvania would become the 32nd state to adopt an official English law.

“It’s time for Pennsylvania to join the vast majority of states that have established English as the official language,” said ProEnglish Director of Government Relations Suzanne Bibby.  “Rep. Metcalfe has been a longtime supporter of English language unity, so we’re thrilled to see him leading the charge to restore America’s ‘Melting Pot’ tradition in Pennsylvania.”

“Of course, English as the official language does not mean ‘English only,’” continued Bibby.  “Rather, it means that for state government and its entities to act legally, they must communicate in English and that no one has a right to demand taxpayer-funded services or documents in any other language.”

Rep. Metcalfe’s bill contains a number of common sense exceptions, such as public safety and teaching foreign languages in schools.

“Pennsylvanians were overwhelmingly supportive of Hazelton, PA passing its own official English ordinance in 2006 and Rasmussen has found as recently as May 2013 that 84% of likely voters nationwide support official English,” said Bibby. “Given the high level of public support, this is ideal legislation to advance during an election year.”

In 2011, ProEnglish testified in favor of similar legislation before the Pennsylvania Assembly’s Committee on State Government, on which Rep. Metcalfe currently serves as chairman.  HB 2132 is expected to be referred again to that committee.